Nail School

Inexperienced is okay! A certified instructor will guide you to pass the exam!

There is also a 1-day course for basic nail care and skill improvement in gel nail lessons!

Acquire practical skills! The shortest route to a manicurist!

Each class is set up to become a professional manicurist. We will support people who want to get a job and want to have their own salon. Please see the class information page for details of each class.


Manicurist will visit your home

Nail art and nail care can be done anywhere regardless of location!

If you are looking for a business trip nail in Tokyo

Each class is set up to become a professional manicurist. We will support people who want to get a job and want to have their own salon. Please see the class information page for details of each class.


It is an environment where you can work at home and improve your skills!

Actively hiring men's nail technicians and senior nail technicians!


Business trip nailist

Employment status

part time job

Job Description

Business trip nails at home, condominiums, events, nursing facilities, etc.

Working hours

It depends on the reservation.
3 hours ~
★ W work / single shot OK!

Hourly wage

1,000 yen to 1,500 yen


Increased salary depending on experience and degree of contribution

Qualification requirements

JNA 1st Grade / JNA 2nd Grade / JNA 3rd Grade / Gel Nail Beginners / Gel Nail Intermediate / Gel Nail Advanced / Welfare Manicurist
* Business trip locations vary depending on your qualifications and experience. Please contact us for details.

Transportation expenses

Full payment

Application method

We look forward to receiving your application form or by phone.


Let's learn nails at Megumi nails near Kunitachi station


Store name

Megumi Nail

Street address

1-18-30 Kunitachi, Tokyo National Sky Building 201

phone number
business hours

5:00 ~ 21:00

Regular holiday

Text text text


Operating a nail school in Tokyo, a wide range of age groups from teens to 70s can enjoy taking lessons. Megumi Nail, a salon near the station, where staff with unique personalities are enrolled, is within walking distance from JR Kokusai Station "Kunitachi Station". Even if you have no experience, you can learn techniques from professional nailists, so you can acquire high skills.

About us

We will teach you the goodness of nail school to learn in Tokyo

Megumi Nail, Tokyo where you can learn high technology at nail school

Nail lesson teachers are bright and fun. Unique instructors carefully lecture in various lessons, such as award-winning nail technicians in numerous contests and staff with qualifications as nursery teachers. Please feel free to contact us for the content of each lesson, as it is a lesson content that even those who are new to nail art can take it with confidence. At school, those who want to acquire skills while enjoying nails and who want to play an active role as a side job or double-work nail technician while improving themselves can also learn the skills of professional nail technicians in front of them.
We receive many inquiries from people of all ages and nationalities, including students, international students, and seniors. For all lessons from the basics to the application of gel nails, we also lend professional tools and equipment to beginners. If you would like to bring your own equipment and materials, please feel free to contact the store staff in advance. We look forward to your participation.

Many people who want to polish themselves gather at this nail school in Tokyo.

Even if you are interested in beauty, you can take a lesson with confidence because we lend professional tools for all lessons even if you are new to nails. Winners in many nail contests Many nailist teachers and professional staff who have childcare qualifications give lectures carefully, so feel free to join us.
Megumi Nail is welcome to those who have no experience regardless of age, gender or nationality. Everyone is enjoying the course. Due to work issues, we have received many inquiries from seniors who have been away from nails during their active career. From the basics to the application of nails, the instructor team of trust and achievements will respond politely. Please feel free to ask our staff about various services and plans. You can acquire all kinds of skills such as gel nails that last a long time, simple hand and foot care that you can do at home, and basic nail color basic lessons. We will give a lecture while enjoying the professional skills of reasonable and high quality.